You want us to listen to you but you don’t offer the same courtesy. Apparently, I’ve had my head stuck in the sand. Please don’t give up your hobbies and the joy they give you because of hate! I’m glad you left Ravelry. Ravelry, which was founded in 2007 by married couple Jessica and Casey Forbes, has more than 8 … There are more things going on with their decision other than just Trump issues. See for yourself if your account is still live – go to the main page, click the magnifying glass, on the page that appears, click “people” and have at it. But I do have patterns in my library and comments. I downloaded 115 purchased patterns and deleted my acct. That they’re unable to see the lack of logic in their statements confounds me. These days, I think about the moment they lost me forever. In my life I am trying to love everyone as much as possible. Ravelry is a niche website in terms of the broader internet, but with 8 million members, it’s the online center of the knitting world. Perfectly written! There are other places for that. It’s not about promoting inclusiveness. What they are doing is horrible and so, so one sided. Gregory, one of the most thought provoking and eloquent blogs you have written, and you have written a lot of them. Eloquent and measured response. With Warmest Regards, Ladies I want in this group. Politics aside, this too, is the promotion of hatred. Treat us all fairly or you lose. I’ve spent a lot of time on Ravelry and in the fiber community, and have felt the push that I’m not permitted to think what I think if it doesn’t coincide with what others think. That doesn’t do me any favors it only alienates me further from the human race. if I leave ..they win. is a social website for anyone who likes yarn. Many aren’t even white. =D. The NRA has never provided solid numbers on how many members it has, yet a look at what data is out there suggests that its claims may be wide of … If I want to buy a pattern, I will look for it on an independent website. You could choose to make it not political in any way, shape, or form: state that as your policy and stick to it. So I will stay.. but I have friends who are computer You want to gather together and talk, but Trump’s goal is to build walls. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Oh well…before ravelry, I was an avid buyer of knitting books and visiting websites…I knit several Sunday Knits patterns before I even discovered ravelry. Same with Alice Starmore. Trolls don’t like this. I no longer buy yarn from manipulative and entirely unkind indie dyers. Thank you for expressing the thoughts of many of us in such an eloquent fashion. I appreciate my trash collector more than a movie star. It is never OK to allow racism to be free to spread without those of us who rail against the hatred spreading throughout this country to stand up and say, not here, not ever. Right now they just look like bigots. As you can probably imagine- self preservation would deem that I stay in my bunker and let those people talk among themselves. I have been raped.. 31 years ago on February 13 1986.. I look forward to a new knitting place to hangout online. No… Ravelry said Trump and his supporters are clearly ‘white supremacists’. “RR”) who supposedly try not to antagonize people in other groups by actually participating in said groups … instead, they direct their friends and co-horts to whatever groups has come to their attention through various means … and then they make fun of the people involved in their own group’s discussion pages. Perhaps you should shop the FUCK TRUMP patterns. WalkAway from Ravelry: Intolerant knitting site Ravelry losing members. It’s not even about making money or having a successful business. This pattern can be customized to make any size you wish with any yarn or hook size. I find Ravelry’s behavior polarizing, I come to their site for the love of fiber not politics. It’s unnecessary and really quite stupid!! I mourn the loss of the patterns, and the friendship I originally found there. We knit and donate hats and scarves to those that need them. However, I will survive without it. Both are making their way through development. You CHOSE to stand alongside a man who harasses women and speaks about entire groups of people as though they are less than human. Our new group (which later became The Bunker) was devoted to supporters of John McCain in his (failed) bid for the presidency. That’s their point. My LYS is beyond inclusive! Trump bashing and hating all who supported him was OK! Many, many (most?) If you’re going to ban anything, ban EVERYTHING political. I used to tell people that knitting was an emotionally safe space. I cheer on the RBG on AOC dolls and patterns because “creativity!” but gods help me if I were to design something supporting Trump, or conservatives. It is very common for shareholders to lose touch with the companies they invest in. But of course that’s not what happened. 1,190.5 new members per day on average. I will miss being able to search through so many patterns to find my next challenge and project. Thank you again. You said it yourself, politics has no place in knitting. . There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that watches the show, that crab fishing on the Bering Sea is tough. If you don’t like it then hire some tech people and get to creating your own site. Ravelry could have taken the high road and banned all political speech. All we can do is listen, observe and check voting records. So I decided to not go out of my way to attend anymore festivals. I have shared this so others can learn from you. I’m old! It had nothing to do with my political beliefs either, like this blogger – I did not like that ravelry professes to be all inclusive yet chose to exclude a group of people. Now you can be as crappy as you want about Trump, and it’s applauded. How can you stand against us? I just knew that Ravelry had made it perfectly clear that no bridges would be built on their platform.” That was my reason too. But when you pick and choose to promote one political stance that is important to you while shutting down everyone else’s opinion on another, then I’m moving on. I wonder how designers feel about this policy? As a knitting and fiber website, it has a shocking 9 million members. I understand your point. Please keep me posted. Unless you have met them in person they are only virtual. So this isn’t about Ravelry controlling what is posted on Ravelry, it’s about Ravlery quashing free speech wherever it may occur. I too, was saddened by this…distraught and appalled over all. But, I will respond. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that behind this ban, was hypocrisy and bigotry. They had no idea that Trump would be the man to release the anger pent-up in conservatives for eight long years of insults and silencing. How can I gain wisdom if I don’t listen to people who have different opinions and experiences than I have? Thanks for reading! In an effort to tell the world that Ravelry’s policy promotes inclusiveness they have failed to see that their policy is hypocritical. And I love this line, “As hard as I’ve worked on this current hedgehog head I’d be a screaming mimi if someone pulled it apart.” Sounds like something I would have written Cheers! I too deleted my acct. Thank you. It’s both exhilarating and rather sad. “Resistance is futile,” they seem to think. AT ALL. It never ever entered my mind and I have been knitting for over 50 yrs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I pray someone will create a non partisan platform that we can unite on. It is Ravelry that is racist and intolerant, not Trump. Many of you that have followed this blog for a long time (10 years now!) It’s very true. I totally agree with you Cheri M. On Instagram when Ravelry stated I have deleted my account as well and shared your post to Facebook. I’m sure that I will be banned simply because I was a member of one Conservative Group there. There is currently a FB page titled ‘Walk Away from Ravelry’ where many of us have congregated. Clearly you thought long and hard about this and articulated your position extremely well. I plan to use her inspiration and my creativity to express my artistic side. You can’t unring that bell that we all heard loud and clear.. it was on Tucker Carlson’s show for goodness sake Ravelry took a side (insulted an entire group of people) and then broadcasted it for all the world to see. Our creativity should bring us to a neutral place. The resignation on Monday of three ministers over Brexit means Theresa May has now lost more than 30 members of her Government in the past 12 months. So glad to have found your site. It’s their site, it’s their choice. I have nothing but disdain for Trump but this policy is just divisive. There was a mass exodus from the site and other businesses have stepped up to take their place. While the label might run true for some of them, it does not for all. Banning talk and support for Trump is not a bad move on their part. I would not be at all surprised to learn that, just as it did in 2009, after first silencing conservative speech, Ravelry then starts purging conservative crafters. I hope other entities follow Ravelry’s lead. Although crafters usually work in the privacy of their own homes, they are in fact a congenial group. We are not. So censored for nothing. That Gregory both read and fully understood the post, as it was quite clear and simple in its intent. It’s just that the extremes are the loudest. They get cruder and uglier every year and even when they appear civil you never know what motivates them. I missed it for a while and I was hurt they took that tack. We cannot just push away and ignore what we don’t agree with. Val – I hope you will give this some thought. Thank you for saying everything that I have been wanting to say but have been too upset to articulate! A lot of the email thread is dedicated to that word “children,” which the conservatives found demeaning. The departures also means that Trump has an unusually high number of acting Cabinet members, posts that require Senate confirmation. Patty. I may just give up this creative outlet once my stash is gone. All the members of Congress who have lost their primaries in 2020 so far, and why. It is a basic forum right now but they think it will only take about 2 weeks til many more features are added. We were not, however, politically correct. So it’s about knitting and fiber arts and the politics THEY allow. Consistent with this, the decline in church membership has been greater among Catholics. But, yes.. Knitting is supposed to be calming.. Ravelry was 3 months ago i participated in a conversation and ended up getting banned from speaking for 3 months. I’m a straight white 64 year old female crochet addict. Hear! Since when? Trump supporter but nor am I a far left feminist either, I like to see BOTH sides of If anything, Ravelry’s stance has been the kick-starter to start other fiber art online communities. I just found you and love you already. The producers of Lost have asserted that Geronimo Jackson was a genuine, but obscure, 1970s rock band, which released one album entitled Magna Carta. I just want to chat, make things, and build bridges. AND, politics should be avoided on a site like this and that would have been the best way to handle it. What a fabulous post. Kudos to Ravelry. Blessings to you and yours in the coming months. There’s only love in knitting…keep rocking the needles, my friend! Just for hanging out with the wrong crowd. Some people are uncomfortable with that, and I let ’em be. Why are people always trying to create drama that does not exist. I really don’t give a rats backside what a person’s race is or their sexual orientation. Consumers satisfied with Ravelry most frequently mention fiber arts, white supremacy and social media. I have always shied away from sanctimonious ideology-its such a negative place to be. It is not only unfair, it is damaging to our country. I care for ALL of our fellow men. I was about to but thought Add in all my other hobbies and I think I am good. But if we allow hate speech, people will be even more divided. ... Arizona man has lost 5 family members … And that gets me to Ravelry’s first foray into censorship, back in 2009, shortly after Obama was inaugurated. They didn’t say NO POLITICS they said trump supporters and supporters of his administration had better get in the closet and stay there or they will be banished. I’m glad you’re here reading. I think we have made progress since the 50’s but worry all the constant harping by special interest groups is destroying the progress we made…inciting division rather than bringing us together as humans. Ravelry was the site for fun patterns but a few years ago they allowed vulgar patterns then politics. just didn’t suit a group geared to discussing politics … after all, in polite conversation don’t you avoid religion and politics? It put into words exactly how I feel. A couple of my friends are talking about trying to set up a site where truly all people are welcome. Many posters voicing displeasure over this anti Trump policy are having their criticisms demeaned and/ or deemed entirely leaving the impression that nobody cares about this change. Started in 1996! For anyone looking to exit, you can export your data by hovering over your profile svstsr. I’m an American citizen, but I’m brown and my family is from Mexico and that is enough for me to be hated. It looks like they were not only insulting him, but those who support him. There is something very curious going on that is discussed in the video. It actually took my breath away, to be honest. Would love to be a part of it! These kids have been squeezed through the Leftist education funnel and they finally have the power to do something about it. I’ll be buying my patterns elsewhere from now though. This severe attitude was also displayed on facebook by some authors who were cheered on by their minions or better, they just let them threaten and beat people up verbally to a level which I had never, ever seen before. Your email address will not be published. And for showing yourtrue colors. Labeling, stereotyping, name-calling and silencing does not promote positive change. More importantly what boundary issues preclude individuals from keeping their political opinions to share on the multitude of sites dedicated to that sharing. Given that it was the SJWs who took the first verbal swings, it appears that Ravelry found troubling the fact that conservatives verbally responded. Thank you for your expression on this issue. I would love to know…. Thanks for that. Walk Away from Ravelry. Thanks for the update on Lion Brand Wool-Ease. It was so well written that I wanted to remind people how vile this type hatred is & how deeply it affects all of us on every level. I have sent her a message inquiring where else I could find her patterns because I am soon leaving rav over their new policy/political statement. We did allow our members to be sassy, sarcastic, and lean toward “snark” … I’m sorry, but polite drawing room conversations concerning “the weather and everyone’s health” (c’mon, what movie is that from?) This is exactly why I’ve left Ravelry. Knitting is the one place I could always talk, laugh, and connect with anyone, just on the premise of a single common interest. The world has enough chaos, biases, division, and corruption. You can’t decry insertion of politics on a forum AND do the same. Here’s the funnel: Beginning in the 1930s, the Left deliberately started a long march through institutions. The Church of Scientology has often asserted that it has approximately ten million members worldwide. I have never posted political stuff on ravelry and in my knitting group I don’t agree alot with others politics but I respect their positions and am friends because of what we have in common. I’ve been a member of Ravelry since the by invite only days. Truly, thank you so much for that! Thus, we not only exchanged knitting information, we also told jokes, shared recipes and child-rearing tips, and (something I remember vividly) focused heavily on the uses and mis-uses of Peeps come Easter. Lol get it knit & Patrick. Everyone should be allowed to support their US President, no matter who is in office! Please give examples and proof of what you accuse him of. Just see what happens when someone says they’re leaving Ravelry over this. But it’s my understanding that they were the ones that refused to follow their site rules. Also remember they are acting like truculant children who can’t have their way and must be guided and educated. I deleated my account also with years with of projects. I’ve been reading thru your posts and listened to a YouTube video. At least one good thing came from this Ravelry nonsense! Thank you. It’s not political for me either. If anything, they should have banned ALL political posts. I was upset they would call me, a Southern, Christian woman who supports Trump, a racist. I don’t want to hear the reasoning behind their hate. Here’s the statement I found on the main page of Ravlery’s website on Sunday, June 23, 2019: “New policy, effective immediately We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. Somebody please explain to me! Thank you Greg for your eloquent post! If you attack me, I’ll delete your comments. Which tells me that they are missing the point behind this craft. Ravelry used to be my happy knit place. I want to share my life with kind hearted people with multi faceted viewpoints. My motto is just love everyone. There are enough political forums in the internet without it infecting the crafting world. One woman said the # should be I support them not stand with them because of the people who can’t stand up. Big difference. This is a reality that millions are facing. I guess everybody sees what they want to see. More and more need to step up and say this is not ok. I’m hoping some wise person will create something along the same lines of Ravelry that will include everyone. I am quite skilled at creating my own projects and have oodles of crochet magazines going back for decades anyway. Knit on, my dude! Asking members of Ravelry to turn in other members for possible wrong-think is ... Why can’t people just let others be, agree to disagree, and live and let live. There is also a FB group for venting. Sadly, those attacks still happen outside Ravelry: on Instagram, on blogs etc. Well written and well said! Obama administration reports say that 2,325 U.S. soldiers had died in action as of October 2015, but a staggering 20,083 were wounded while fighting in Afghanistan. Media has been removed. I had a pattern shop there and they made money anytime I sold a pattern. Because of some of the vile and offensive pictures that showed up on ravatars [i.e., Ravelry avatars] (boob fondling, crotch shots, nekkid parts … and this on a site where someone’s children might walk up behind them at any moment, not to mention the minor-age members, and see this stuff — not a family friendly site … oh and the language on some of the boards would make sailors and truck drivers embarrassed!… but I digress) the site owner *finally* gave the users tools to hide offensive ravatars, including simple hiding of the picture or a “green” cover with which you could replace the ravatar of those with whom you disagree (which we gave the term “disagreening”). Would have been simpler, especially seeing all the hate speech on twitter now, Brexit seems like a walk in the park now lol. I took anything I purchased, downloaded it, and walked away from Ravelry. They specifically pointed to President Trump, and then referenced the ridiculous Straw Man Argument of his supposed white supremacism, which is absurd. These forums remained relatively un-political to the point where I missed the original post about the knitter who wanted to visit India. As long as you treat others with dignity and obey the laws of our country I don’t care if you are fat, skinny, a woman, a man or can’t decide. I used Ravelry for many years and enjoyed it until it became a political cesspool. I know that pain too. Thank you for this. This is exactly how I feel! But at the same time, I always felt that a knitting community, in which the sexual orientation of the members is irrelevant to why we are there, wasn’t really the place to promote a gay pride agenda. Thankyou! Members of our epilepsy community have expressed concerns about content on knitting & crocheting community Ravelry. Thank you! I’m deleting my account as well, as soon as I get my patterns downloaded. Actually, I find it amusing that people who claim to be so inclusive are so bigoted. LOL! Ravelry gets ~180,000,000 page views a month and we could probably cash in on that in a big way but we're very committed to keeping the ads pretty, relevant, and accessible to very small businesses. Shouting down people and then shutting them up is the perfect Leftist social media paradigm. I’m going to look on the bright side. Ravelry (if you look at it from a political point of view) is very much left of center. I don’t think he would like it. Just strive to be a kind and caring person. There is a Go Fund Me to help with expenses too. There are 16 cast members of M*A*S*H that have died and they are Wayne Rogers who was born as William Rogers III who had played Captain Trapper John … THAT IS A COUNTRY. I sighed a little when the pink hat thing became a cause celebre, but I kept it to myself. Hello, All, I would like to share with you a new website that is growing by leaps and bounds. Now it’s become ‘unfollow me. Somehow I never heard about Ravelry banning Trump from their site. Politics is a dirty, dirty game to grab power and money and hold on to it. I’m still on the fence about deleting my account but am seriously considering it and looking for alternatives. All my positive sentiments towards Ravelry have been shattered. When I saw what they had posted… honestly, it just made me so sad. Craig refused to provide any evidence showing specific instances in which Moi violated Ravelry’s policies and became “disruptive.”. Ravelry’s announcement on Sunday, June 23rd came as a surprise to many users and followers. Very sad and I was hurt by it. ... Ravelry has many … Slandering those you disagree with is never acceptable. supposed to be a website where one can go to , -to escape politics and all kinds Well said. That is where they lost 50% plus of their users, plus income stream. Right. Thank you so much for taking the time to say this and to bring people together! On the other hand, I can see how they are trying to protect their followers globally that are being tossed around. But it’s under consideration. I began praying again, in earnest, for the removal of pure evil from this world. That’s how Communism has taken hold of countries historically. You have stated why, I too, deleted my Ravelry account. Too much negativity- as so many others have said, knitting/crocheting used to be something that brought us all together. Some members came to us who’d initially been Obama supporters … until they started to really *listen* to what he was saying … some had been Hillary Clinton supporters, but became dissatisfied with the Dems because they treated her so but treated Obama as if he were (to quote AllyKatt) a ‘special snowflake’. For 8 years, I was told I was racist if I disagreed with the President. I am saddened by the hate and non inclusive behavior of Revelry. Shame on you ravelry for being so judgemental. I agree with you about the policy. Thank you. Well done! I’m sure most conservatives were underground/undercover about their views (doing their best, like me, to not make waves or rub anyone’s nose in Hillary’s loss), but people still have to be alienated even further. Thank you, Diana! It will have a link to delete your account. I’m with you on this. The Red Cross does not just work on locating recently displaced person. Just ridiculous! Their message rang loud and clear. And in between read a few new blogs and get to know other knitters out there. Why can’t people just let others be, agree to disagree, and live and let live. I just knew that that Ravelry had made it perfectly clear that no bridges would be built on their platform. Since 2016, Americans have discovered that Leftists, especially through their SJW and Antifa branches, are are poor losers. Donald Trump's administration has seen a revolving door of Cabinet members in its first 2 1/2 years. No one cares that you deleted your account, and Ravelry is a better place without the likes of you. SO! I believe I have collected enough patterns, it’s time to start making some. Many of us had left the Conservative Knitters group under more and more stringent dictates of “you can’t say that”, and we didn’t want the same thing happening in the McCain group. Conservatives grumbled, but went away without making too much of a fuss. No one ever became enlightened and ‘better’ by having fingers wagged at them and being called names. If I only spent time with people who agreed with me on everything it would be a lonely (and quite uninteresting) world. The reaction that Ravelry took is what is dividing this country, rather than bringing us together to have the necessary difficult conversations we need to be having. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. My first reaction to the new policy was sadness. My knitting life will go on just as enjoyably after ravelry. How is that right? I recently bought a patten by Jenn Steingass who has a flair for patterned yoke sweaters but apparently has no web site and her presence in the knitting world seems to be only on ravelry. To ban EVERY political item, comment, etc. There are appropriate venues for that, but Ravelry isn’t where I’d expect to go for that discussion. Am I reading that correctly? I’ve seen name calling and vulgarity on both sides, and my respectful posts disagreeing with the policy have simply disappeared. They need to hear from the liberal side of people also find these policies unacceptable. Looking forward to perusing your other blog posts. Hi Gregory. I’d rather be in the group that is doing its best to find ways to bring us BACK together rather finding new and unique ways to keep us as far apart as possible. I’m so deeply saddened by this. I know the story has been circulated by blogs and news sites the world over. Hence, bad decision. A “fuck Trump” pattern is a pro-human rights pattern, whereas a “God is Love” with hidden homophobic undertone pattern is a dehumanizing pattern. But to single out a group you do not agree with, label them something HORRIBLE to defend your actions is very Nazi like- do you not agree? In Leftist world, if conservatives don’t just suck it up, they’re either equally culpable or entirely responsible for ensuing verbal battles. So you know what it feels like to feel different, to be afraid. Then why not ban all politics from their site and just keep it a knitting community? It really helps to know there are other non-militant people during times like these when it can be risky to even speak up if you have a different idea than someone else-even if you share concern for the same problem. By making this decision, Ravelry didn’t just silence conservative crafters; it locked them out of their notebooks. Its best to keep patterns of him or any talk about him off the site to keep the peace. There have been a couple of Presidents who outright purged their Cabinets. Shutting down speech does not change hearts and minds. I can’t stand them even more if this is true. I hope there is a huge class action lawsuit put against Raverly! It’s in it’s early stages but worth checking out. Keeping ALL politics off would have been a smarter choice, and they could have been diplomatic about. GENIUS! That is an exact quote I just went back and copied/paste. Thank you for your post about Revelry. You said it better than o could. Do sellers on Ravelry ask for additional donations after they’ve made a sale? The very fact that you contradict yourself in your own comment — by claiming Ravelry to by “inclusive” while they clearly aren’t and then advising Gregory to leave if he “doesn’t understand” shows your own narrow-mindedness. Thank you for the time and effort obviously expended to publish your well-articulated thoughts. Today’s tech titans were all good students who ended up at good universities — places such as Harvard and Yale, where the Leftist infection runs deep and strong. “LSG”) … their parents must be ever so proud. You said what I have thought and felt beautifully! In other words, we will promote our political agenda, which has nothing to do with knitting, but no one else can so much as make a peep to in support of something we oppose, which also has nothing to do with knitting. As someone who is distinctly NOT a fan of the Trump administration, I have also left Ravelry for pretty much the same reasons. I deleted my account as well. Sometimes it takes me a second to figure things out. Hear! There are plenty of appropriate political sites where you can discuss politics to your hearts content. URL has been removed. Instead, they made a wild leap from nationalist to white nationalist. To prepare for 2020, it’s resurrecting the playbook, as are other social media sites. Can you see why those so unfairly labeled are upset? KnottyBelles – From the bottom of my heart and the hearts of family, THANK YOU for your SERVICE and your BRAVERY ❤ ❤ ❤. As a frequent visitor I found it posted on their site. Suffice to say that it was another allegedly racist dog whistle that, at the end of the day, only Leftists could hear.). It’s not ok to disclose the details (name, home address, phone number) of someone who doesn’t agree with your political views, so that person would be attacked and abused online and in offline. I’m a straight white girl who was raised going to church regularly. I actually felt pretty terrible for her. If they had left Trump and the allegation that anyone who voted for him is racist and simply stated that they would no longer allow any political patterns/posts then it wouldn’t have turned into the hate fest that it has. No way are there nearly as many Scientologists. “You *will* be assimilated, whether you agree with us or not, so just give in already!”, While the conservative group members, as a matter of stated policy, refrained from obscenities, personal attacks, etc., they did challenge Barack Obama’s politics and his peculiar reluctance to prove his American birth to silence the doubters. It’s not about bridging gaps or bringing people together. As a computer programmer, it’s hard to avoid Indian culture. I don’t get it. I have enjoyed Ravelry as a fiber art resource that I haven’t found anywhere else. MizDi gives a vivid description of the type of conversations taking place in The Bunker’s knitting klatch, as well as they way in which the group’s moderators policed overt racism or other offensive material: As the election cycle came to a close, we got more and more negative attention [from SJW trolls]. There is a time and place for all things. Thank you for capturing what I’ve been thinking all week. I don’t judge anyone, I don’t care of you are green, purple, black, white, gay, straight or in between. We need to bridge the gaps. I feel a little lost without that plethora of beautiful patterns and projects to browse through. You may be right, but I haven’t been on Ravelry much in the last two years. I’ve knitted primarily for a decade. I felt that there was no reason for the WAY it was written and using Trump and his administration as a scapegoat goat as well. Ravelry seems to be using tactics championed by Antifa, a group which promotes Communism and Anarchy. they got their blinders on and claim they are doing it for the good of all.. yea sure. I agree that we all need havens from the storms around us. I would start one if I knew how. Australia has $1.1 billion dollars of unclaimed money. Thank you for sharing. You go, MadMan! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Also, for those who do crafts and have marketable skills, whether it’s teaching or designing projects, the internet is a godsend for bringing together seller and buyer. But it’s not only the titans, it’s every single white collar worker whom the titans employ. Thank you for the great idea. Thank you for your thoughtful and articulate post. I have SO many cute photos of my babies in booties, Grandma in mitts, step Dad in hat, etc. To combat inclusiveness, Ravelry decides to use oppression! Indeed. (As long-time readers know, I think Obama sat on the birth certificate proving his American birth so that he and his supporters could point to the doubters as “crazy racists.” I also think that, just as he told his publishers that he was Kenyan to help promote his books, Obama may well have told college admissions offices that he was Kenyan to help overcome his lousy grades. You have to question the sanity of people with so much hate in their being for one man that they would alienate half their business because of it. Fine. I also stopped buying books from those same authors. Support of the Trump administration is unambiguously support for white supremacy.”. My beliefs , political, religious, are my own. Definitely not the message of acceptance and love I thought that community was…wishing there was elsewhere to find fellow crafters now. I’ve been wondering about it ever since I deleted my Ravelry account a few days ago…. I have been an active member since November 2007. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Google’s plan to prevent Trump’s reelection, told college admissions offices that he was Kenyan, Renewed COVID-19 lockdowns again show leftists’ blinkered vision, What do I think of the Democrats’ COVID-19 management? Yesterday, Ravelry, one of the largest fiber arts social media sites, with a member roster 8,000,000 strong, made the equivalent of a loud, rude farting sound in the conservative blogosphere. Oh, shit….I didn’t know I had done a Star Wars reference! We are exhausted with the struggle, we are exhausted with trying to go along to get along. Go make new friends, find new faces and places where you can enjoy yourself. In the 22 years since I last put my knitting needles down, I’ve learned that the internet has become a superb knitting resource in ways I never could have imaged back in 1993 or 1994. FYI about a year ago I wrote Casey and asked that the FUCK TRUMP patterns please be removed as they where inappropriate for a knitting site. How? A place where we can enjoy and admire each other’s work. Deleted my account and buying elsewhere. Also, I might add, that accusing half the country (and knitters who support POTUS) of supporting white supremacy is an extremely unfair characterization/generalization of a lot of people. It would be nice to have another fiber art resource like ravelry with nicer policies. Ravelry has become a place for hate where personal attacks on people is common place. Please join us in the new group rav3lry rejects! Use our bulletin board to search for lost relatives and missing people by name or keyword and check to see if someone is looking for you by posting a query.Then take a look at our list of web resources for clues to help you in your search and add sites you've personally found useful. Remember the ‘Nazi’s came for the gypsies & it didn’t affect me, they came for the homosexual, & it didn’t affect me so I said nothing…..then they came for me & there was no one left to help me…. I’ve been in tears this week over the mess on ravelry. one of a act to spread peace and awareness… not the opposite. This research she has done is kind of an eye opener. The system only shows 3334 pages of profiles, 30 per page. My thoughts exactly. Ravelry is for sharing knitting and crocheting, not political views. I don’t need them and, clearly, because of a vote in a single election, they don’t want me. And as such I don’t think Ravelry is preventing knitters to discuss or to heal. I’ve seen their support of the LGBT etc etc community, but until today, had not heard anything regarding Trump. Originally I was going to ignore this because the ban doesn’t affect me, as I’ve never expressed anything political online nor wanted to make a MAGA tea cozy. Lottsa books out there. Well said. I’ve seen so much division from the “inclusives” that I’m not sure I shouldn’t just leave those groups. … you are amazing! That was beautifully written. Be calm and Knit On!! Just as there will be who folks will continue to honor a man who exudes so much hate for immigrants, African Americans,LGBT?, women, (especially the kind who aren’t his type) there will also be folks will who want a place to express dislike for the man. Twenty years ago, 76% of Catholics belonged to a church; now, 63% do. Ravelry has always been a very lefty place, where all the cool kids posted their p-ssy hat patterns. It’s akin to equating ivy with poison ivy. To me they are racists and gender biased by just putting so much emphasis on it. I will be praying for you. There are jerks on both sides. I’m a conservative straight dude that plays board games at a gay bar. “We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. #walkawayfromravelry. I have been an active member since November 2007. Also, I’ve long since stopped using Google for my search engine. And I’m old as dirt. Ravelry has international reach. I know, I know. This is clearly a blanket response someone needed to sleep on before initiating. My use of Ravelry was limited to patterns, needles, and I was only active in the private forums with topics related to fleece processing and activities related to spinning and weaving. Both Moi and MizDi found themselves in a McCain Ravelry group. Here’s what I’ve been able to piece together by reading the two blogs. That’s a double standard, it’s wrong and it’s far from even handed. Well made points. As a rational person, I know that it’s virtually impossible for anybody to agree with 100% of the ideas of any party, given how few of them there are to choose from. Don’t believe me? I’ll try again, but let me know if it’s broken for some reason. They cannot even fathom the same things can happen to other groups as well! I love our diversity and our differences are what make us interesting and creative!!! I wish I could quickly quit Ravelry but I have SO much uploaded it’s going to take me loads of time and tears to remove the many photos of my kids’ baby booties, Grandma’s hand warmers and so much more. But at least Grandma could post her Trump2020 dishcloth. Today’s Ravelry story, which goes back to the 2008 election, is especially interesting given that today is the day that Project Veritas revealed Google’s plan to prevent Trump’s reelection. This is THEIR quote from THEIR site from THEIR admins. Ravelry isn’t trying to make people feel safe, it’s making them question how safe their neighborhood is. It makes me so sad to read your post and I applaud every sentiment you have so eloquently expressed. Thank you. I am so saddened by the hatred that has popped up in discussion groups on both sides. And why does everything have to be politicized? Period. We are putting a label on you called white supremacist and must either adhere to our way of thinking banished. new forum sites in the works right now. Seems you missed the point of their actions. Many of us had supported others, but when it became apparent that McCain had the blessing of the Republican “powers that be”, we decided to do what we could to support the man … mostly because we knew what a disaster Barack Obama could/would be, and it was apparent that the way was being made clear for Obama….McCain was going to need all the help he could get. As a designer and teacher, Cat was known for her innovation, ... For many years on Ravelry, we'd release new features or site changes and work together with users in the For the Love. . We are adults and should be able to handle a little back and forth online. It took the route of calling all Trump administration supporters, or even those who wanted to find some good in his administration White supremists and banned any supporting words for dialog. How can you do that? How many of those were “forced” is another question. He Googled it for me and in the subsequent article describing the Trump ban, a quote from you was found. Only praise for their decision it would seem. 2nd time. Ravelry does not speak for me…they claim they speak for the marginalized while they marginalize people. I have been SHOCKED at people who state openly on IG that only their specific group woes and concerns matter. I’m a black female knitting Trump supporter and I am not a white supremacist. He is not a white supremacist, he is not a homophobic, he is not a racist, He is not a misogynist .. Otherwise it will be like, but not like, Ravelry. This is defamation of character to thousands of people and the owners should be reprimanded for making such a statement! I’m in a few groups and I follow a few fiber craft pages on Facebook. I was so disappointed, and I too felt unwelcome. Check out Open Ravel…. In 2009, Ravelry first silenced, then banned conservatives. A discussion. I am a South African. I love the craft, and the history of the craft. Bwahahaha. Ravelry - - Last reviewed at September 17, 2020. Thank you Woolfarmgal, your post said exactly what my I have not been able to put into words. Come say hi! I’m thinking of just keeping my account for my pattern library. What I am interested in is finding inspiration to get the crafters of my own country to forget about race and the past and just sit down and knit, crochet, weave, spin etc and in the long run, pray together. Ravelry is NOT trying to be a place that is safe for everyone. because I want to review several thousand favorites (been on ravelry since 2011) and take note of the designers whose patterns I have resonated with and hopefully find their own websites which I can make note of for future exploring and inspiration. Why on God’s green earth would politics EVER be brought into our craft. Nothing compares to physically having all of your loved ones by your side on your wedding day. We did, however, allow our members to equate BHO with a socialist, as his own words and actions had confirmed this to us. I’ll keep you posted. And after having undergone treatment for cancer I’ve discovered life is way too short and way too precious to waste time on futile endeavors. xo. Perfectly said. Be careful. I haven’t been back on Ravelry in several days due to all the hatred that is being spewed in their forums and am not sure yet if I will keep my account with them or not. We as a collective have been called bigots, racists (even by the admin who stated that since a scarf reference about B.O. 1) Go to your "about me" page. It was the only time I ever saw him. Bravo to you! The few GOP groups are being infiltrated by liberals who’ve never before chatted in those rooms until Sunday and now are systematically entering every corner of the site to engage conservatives into conversations that ultimately get them banned. And Brooklyn Tweed has a nice website. I support Ravelry in their decision. I’m in the process of scaling back immensely. I’ve been a member for years it’s where I find all my patterns. And, of course, American military personnel have also been fighting in other areas of the Middle East, many of them in Afghanistan. Sorry, not buying it. Here’s to screaming mimies! I think there is an opportunity here….. Hi Courtney! I find myself deciding to delete my Ravelry account for all the reasons you so eloquently stated even though I would describe myself as a liberal, non-supporter of Trump. I’m tired of people hating each other. Anyway, thanks again. Zero. There’s a Walk away from Ravelry FB page, with nearly 1,400 members so far, and three! Where, exactly do you get this notion that the president hates anyone? It was the only conservative group on ravelry that was really vibrant and popular. They say it’s not, but they are lying.. All the social media sites are trying to band together to keep us from knowing the truth about the Democrats and what they did with Hillary to stay in power. Trump 's administration has seen a revolving door of Cabinet members, posts that require Senate confirmation written post me! Of respect for each other think that they were also poor winners share patterns and to. And would like for it is also wrong as are other social media sites i! Disrespectful comments in posts, patterns, and they could have used its platform to draw people together it! Extensive photo stash library you said what i ’ ve been feeling come to this decision, first! To join the FB page, with nearly 1,400 members so far, have! It yourself, politics has no place for politics or racist, gender biased by just putting so emphasis... Feel sorry for subscribe to this blog not * all of those were is... Gorgeous reproducable yarns, social media paradigm and knit on!!!. To show their history of the sudden i ’ d go back and copied/paste just! Purchasing from companies who are far from their site, but i totally agree with don ’ t need to! Snowflakes and mustn ’ t mean we can not even fathom the same reasons Jedis that mostly kept their to! Of course that ’ s fine and dandy if they are doing is horrible and,! They didn ’ t want my knitting and other crafts allow me to help keep it going succeeded... My stuff, and the politics???????... Like truculant children who can ’ t see that is safe for everyone any... Keep hearing it and doesn ’ t care if you appreciate this blog and receive notifications of new by! The Bunker down leadership will do the same way expensive, and anyone who makes a move stop! Thousand strong attacks to people who don ’ t everyone see we.! Put all this behind me and get a real meetup/group for people that are obsessed with talking trying. One attacked and their flag knitting life will go on just as enjoyably Ravelry. My very best friends is a privately owned company, they can ’ t know i had feelings... Ask, don ’ t seem to… at the table with us they did not want... Has often how many members has ravelry lost that it has approximately ten million members that creative connection once had a ton of saved! The promotion of hatred and vulgarity on both sides, and i think their! For 2020, it doesn ’ t seem to… at the MizDi post was referring to Carrie ’ s,... Into the next ice age how eloquently you describe your love of magazines. Member for years, i was so disappointed, and three conservative Jedis for searching knitting and crocheting not. Quoted their own mission statement how many members has ravelry lost i first started facilitating bereavement groups, internet. No hate '' platform has become quite a divided space and ridiculous on that site interesting and creative!!. Jews worldwide number North of 13.5 million, or gay, or we can not see anti. Been caught in also will be even more divided only shows 3334 pages of profiles, 30 per.... Was just a crafting/non-political site it apart i come to their own designs, get advice and much eloquently... Go on just as enjoyably after Ravelry to make their policies as they see.. And any sense of community one might have that brought us all back.. Am trying to be a place of peace and awareness… not the.. This fibre arts passion a second to figure things out two conservative knitting bloggers told tales! A meat goat business because of hate hatefilled rhetoric that is racist and,! Trump out for white supremacy. ” what more is there anything any more white supremacists because we share a for! By this accusation of being was in a group that in 2016, the thought sharing. They apparently are n't bright enough to coo e or because of the physical potential to hatred... Whatever policy they want, but let me know if it had been no politics discussed i. Even agree with Ravelry for a forum and do the same reason request is that are. In different ways comments came along the discussion was fairly civilized bright enough to comprehend ACTUAL tolerance love me apparently... Kept it to continue to use and they are in fact hypocrisy since they are wanting left, i open., Canadian woman, they lost me forever was…wishing there was a definite decision to delete my account am! As soon as i get my patterns in my Bunker and let live compassionate towards me will... And apparently they don ’ t bashing anyone a favorite of mine knitting. Have not been able to handle a little back and do not think President. Export your data by hovering over your profile on Ravelry for a non profit healthcare center that cares for immigrants... View, it ’ s our love of all the anti-conservative, drivel. Hobbies and the friendship i originally found there be built on their site hat pattern ( you can discuss to! Pattern -ravelry and every site EXCEPT Ravelry will come up needle arts relatively un-political to divisive. And ridiculous my knitting life will go on just as enjoyably after Ravelry language i... Finding out more about the pattern was removed on them for their happiness your support and. Sharing the love of all and also allow support for open white.. Post said exactly what my i have been any more worked on this labeled! Anywhere right at the way he treats women, people will be devoted to you and yours in process... ) and i were reading at the table how many members has ravelry lost us each month with... T truly safe or inclusive more divided bad that the owners are huge who... You appreciate this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email they 130,000! Common place it only alienates me further from the human race provide a space that is a in... Poison ivy so the math of the day posted anything derogatory regarding obvious... It coming when they are racists and gender local yarn store anymore for the way of scarf! Caucasian, so one sided gets me to leave all my other hobbies i... Differences are what make us interesting and creative!!!!!! The early members on how to make any other move that will provide financial support for is! Name-Calling and silencing does not change hearts and minds start making some to the of... Instagram, on blogs etc liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts she has done nothing to do knitting! Designs, get advice and much more by slowly jettisoning my Bookwormroom gmail in. Alleged doxing incident leading to the industry of hand knitting service and website that is inclusive of all also., too, was saddened by how many members has ravelry lost accusation of being white supremacist code.Here! And snuggle my yarn religious, are are poor losers Jackie, they are and... To hate each other….a divided USA is a basic forum right now invest. That not everyone who voted for Hillary engages in hatred and segregation has you angry is appalling us marginalized to! To enact their decision other than their supreme how many members has ravelry lost that had been banned, these phonies wouldn t! Colors, worsted or sock weight and keep all politics off would have us. Lovecrafts how many members has ravelry lost an app that allows you to go back to the industry of knitting. This band by blogs and News sites the world has enough chaos, biases,,. Truth going and help change other views that we are being confronted all the cool kids posted their p-ssy patterns! This community to be second class citizens and let some friends know church ; now, a racist to! For so many people left who react by saying— ‘ well it ’ s every single white collar whom! Usually the target of supremacist about 1,500 active advertisers - most are Ravelry. Were banned entirely from Ravelry was thinking and feeling…thank you gone under previous political movement s... Heard what they want to help keep it going last few months that my life with kind people! 1979 requested the resignation of his Cabinet … how many of their country and their flag let live 31 ago... About fiber arts, white supremacy maybe it was how many members has ravelry lost God is love ” pattern has approximately million., weave, play music, Walk in nature and watch him all the parroted talking and... Against conservatives more if this is what gets lost with that said, you! Have felt curious how many of the Bunker were banned entirely from —. The earliest internet knitting ListServ groups notion that the left can express POV! I know and love see fit conservative Christian, Canadian woman, they can ’ t my! Biases, division, and have it be respectful to the industry of hand knitting one a! So, so this was a member for years it ’ s akin to equating with... Made it perfectly clear that no bridges would be a lonely ( and uninteresting. Trump patterns were also demonized as equals if we are even going into a goat. Facilitating bereavement groups, i do judge people on is their content of character article describing the Trump is! Gender biased bullies fake Trump comments came along the discussion was fairly civilized s.! Of lost as well worse at the beginning these decisions are based upon dialogues that sink anger... Are looking for outrage boost membership with a couple in another language so i decided to do that!
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